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Lehigh Acres Concrete Service are expert concrete installation contractors for residential concrete and commercial concrete applications. If you are in need of a concrete swimming pool deck with stamped concrete or any other variety of decorative concrete, give us a call for a free quote. Other residential concrete services provided are concrete driveways, walkways and concrete slabs. If your existing concrete requires repair or resurfacing, Lehigh Acres Concrete will have the solution make all your concrete surfaces solid once again.

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How Do I Find a Good Lehigh Acres Concrete Contractor?

So you have a project and are looking for a concrete contractor in Lehigh Acres? You may be interested in installing a new concrete driveway, patio, walkway, or other type of project. There are a good number of professionals out there who say they can help you, but to be sure the job gets done right, you need to choose the right one.

When you are hiring a concrete contractor in Lehigh Acres it takes more than just finding a name on the internet, or worse yet, just shopping for the lowest price. Yes, if you want to make sure your project is handled correctly, that it is completed in a timely manner, is within your budget, and most importantly, with quality in mind, then take a look at the tips we offer.

  • Look For Experience. You want to make sure you choose a contractor who has experience. In fact, try to find someone who's been in business at least five years. Experienced concrete contractors are going to be able to give insights and suggestions for your project. They will also be able to provide examples from other similar projects they have completed. If it's as simple as pouring a concrete driveway, you want to be confident they are using the correct  ready mix concrete, while at the same time, you want the contractor to be able to suggest additional options, such as concrete stamping, to enhance the finished look.
  • Verify The Insurance. Wherever there is job site there is always a chance for something to go wrong and accidents can happen. You need to make sure you are not liable. Find out if your concrete contractors have insurance and that the coverage is sufficient to to cover your property and an injuries resulting from an accident. To help, you can aways contact the insurance company directly to verify coverage and be certain it's active.
  • Get References. It is always wise, and simple, to always ask the concrete contractor for a list of references from previous projects, and then contact those references with questions concerning the type of project they had done and if the contractor finished on time, had good communications throughout, and their overall opinion. You will feel so much better about your final decision.
  • Compare Costs. While each contractor should be willing to submit a free quote for your project, you must be intelligent about choosing a contractor's bid based on price alone, especially if that quote is significantly less than others you've received. Some contractors are willing to cut corners with less than adequate quality assurance. The last thing you want is your project to suffer, to not last, or to require rework, simply because you were trying to save some initial money.
  • Measure Up the Contractors Character and Integrity. You can tell a lot about someone by the way he or she acts. Consider choosing a contractor that has a friendly demeanor, is willing to spend time meeting with you in person and on the phone, and gets back to you promptly. If there is any hesitancy to answer questions, does not return your calls, or just appears stand-offish, consider it unprofessional and just move on.




We strive to bring you the very best concrete products through high standards and quality control.


Each application is unique, with customized color and texture to meet the homeowner's desire. While readily used on patios and pool decks, it's also a great interior alternative to carpet or hardwood floors.


For Floridians the outdoor pool and patio areas we enjoy are an everyday extenision of our living space. We strive to compliment the home and surrounding landscape with each pool and patio project we install.


High traffic areas require a quality product that withstands the test of time and retains it's luster from day one. If it's a traditional poured concrete driveway and sidewalk or you opt for something decorative, we've got you covered.

You are going to appreciate our commitment to quality and the care our experts take to get things right.

We want to be the  place you’ll find the perfect solution for all your concrete needs.

Full Service Concrete Contractors For Residential and Commercial

Services We Provide

Concrete Installation | Interior & Exterior

Polishing • Etching • Staining • Stamping

Repair and Resurfacing

Ever considered installing Interior Concrete Floors?

Lehigh Acres Concrete Service can assist you with ideas and all the information needed to discover the benefits of concrete flooring. Concrete flooring offers unlimited design versatility along with easy care and maintenance.

Not only are concrete floors completely customizable, they can provide a great option to traditional flooring such as carpet, wood, or tile. Color choices are basically unlimited, and there is an array of patterns and textures to choose from. Beyond all these cosmetic benefits concrete is extremely durable, and requires very little maintenance. If your home or business has existing concrete subfloors there is the awesome option of exposing them and applying a colored or decorative treatment to them. Not only is this very affordable, but it is environmentally friendly, as well.

Concrete Floors Lehigh Acres Concrete

Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Concrete Floors

Are concrete floorings vulnerable to cracking over time?
The most typical objection to concrete floorings is the capacity for cracking. However, some people actually love the rustic, organic look that can be achieved by staining the floor and leaving minor random cracks exposed . If cracks are perceived as an eyesore, micro-toppings do offer the ability to hide them

Are concrete floorings cold and damp?
You can embed radiant heating cables in concrete floorings to keep them cozy warm in the winter season. You can likewise create your house to make the most of the quantity of sunshine getting in through windows in the winter season, enabling concrete floorings to radiate the heat taken in by the sunshine.

Concrete floorings will not end up being wet unless they aren't insulated effectively or the floor slab is built on a poorly drained sub-grade. In correctly built modern houses, today's building regulations usually require setup of a vapor barrier under concrete slabs to obstruct moisture migration and the sensation of dampness on the the cement surface.

Are concrete floorings tough and uncomfortable to one's feet?
Concrete is a tough product, so it will not cushion or "offer" under bare feet. For a residential flooring, you can assist cushion concrete with location carpets, which are much easier to tidy than wall-to-wall carpet. While concrete might be hard, it's not abrasive to the feet, specifically if it's polished or has a smooth surface.

Concrete floorings can be loud and produce an echo result, however no more so than ceramic tile, natural stone floor covering, and some wood or bamboo floorings. You can smother the echo result by utilizing sound-absorptive products in the space, such as rug, drapes, pillows and wall materials.

Are ornamental concrete floorings pricey?
When compared with high-end flooring coverings, such as ceramic tile, slate and marble, decorative concrete flooring is typically a cost-effective option. The life span of a concrete flooring will likewise far go beyond that of low- to mid-priced flooring coverings, such as carpets, vinyl tile and wood laminates.

Is decorative concrete floor covering maintenance-free?
While concrete floorings are fairly simple to preserve, compared to other kinds of flooring surface areas, they aren't totally maintenance- free. Just how much upkeep your flooring will require mainly depends upon the quantity of traffic it gets. The upkeep requirements of a domestic flooring will be much various than those for a flooring in a high-traffic business or retail environment.

Residential floorings experience light foot traffic, and an easy cleaning program of periodic sweeping and wet mopping will keep concrete floorings looking like brand-new for numerous years. Securing concrete floorings with a great sealant and a coat of flooring wax will make them much more resistant to spots, chemicals and abrasion. In locations of heavier foot traffic, such as foyers and entryways, you can decrease upkeep and wear and tear by utilizing flooring mats, both inside and beyond the entranceways.

Are concrete floorings slippery?
Similar to other difficult floor covering surface areas such as vinyl, linoleum, marble or ceramic tile floorings, concrete floorings can end up being slippery when damp. Using a high-gloss sealant to secure and boost decorative concrete might likewise lower traction rather, however that's quickly corrected by blending a non-slip additive into the sealer or stain prior to application.

What about sleek concrete? When kept dry and tidy, sleek concrete floorings are typically no slicker than a plain concrete surface area. And they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or refined marble.

Do concrete floorings look too commercial?
Plain, untainted gray concrete can be viewed as sterilized and "commercial." Anybody who has actually seen a concrete flooring improved by an earth-toned or brown stain understands that concrete can be made to look warm and welcoming. Brown is the most popular color option for concrete floorings.

The life span of a concrete flooring will likewise far exceed that of low to mid-priced flooring coverings, such as carpets, vinyl tile and wood laminates. While concrete floorings are fairly simple to keep, compared with other types of flooring surface areas, they aren't entirely upkeep totally free. Domestic floorings experience light foot traffic, and a basic cleansing routine of periodic sweeping and moist mopping will keep concrete floorings looking like brand-new for numerous years. When kept dry and tidy, sleek concrete floorings are normally no slicker then plain concrete surface areas. Anybody who has actually seen a concrete flooring improved by an earth-toned or brown stain understands that concrete can be made to look warm and welcoming.

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