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25 years of concrete contracting excellence with quality at it's best

Since 1995, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the concrete industry and creating reliable products to serve them all.

Times Have Changed in the World of Concrete

Concrete doesn't have to be plain, gray, and ordinary. At Lehigh Acres Concrete Service, we know how to make the ordinary into the extraordinary. We use state-of-the-art equipment combined with training and a vast amount of experience to bring our concrete to life in ways many folks have never contemplated. Unique and original, Lehigh Acres Concrete Services makes customers believers in magic.

Common Problems - Creative Solutions

This isn't your father's concrete company. Back in the old days, concrete was flat, gray, and pretty unattractive. Strong and durable, concrete has been used since the beginning of time for all kinds of purposes. The problem was, no matter what a contractor tried to do with it, concrete just wasn't sexy and exciting. Times have changed and in the 21st Century, concrete has become an artistic medium without equal. To be sure, flat, gray concrete still exists, but its days are numbered and we are the catalyst changing the world of concrete.

Lehigh Acres' Best Concrete Contractors

Florida offers interesting climate challenges. Rain, sun, and temperatures take their toll on concrete. Concrete driveways, steps, patios, and swimming pools all require maintenance at one point or another. Why not bring in the experts on concrete to help with your concrete project? Repairs and upgrades are easily accomplished by the professionals at Lehigh Acres Concrete Service. New construction. remodels, and improvements are our stock-in-trade, but we also offer a lot more. We can upgrade, update, and improve any existing structures as well as tear-out and replace existing concrete that has weathered and deteriorated. As Florida concrete contractors, we understand what our customers need and expect.

Name a Project, Any Project

New technologies in concrete mixes combined with better tools for installing concrete have opened up a whole new universe of potential uses for concrete. Lehigh Acres Concrete Service designs, builds, and maintains all kinds of specialized concrete including:

Swimming pools, Pool Decks, Indoor and Outdoor Patios, Retaining Walls, Steps, Driveways, Water Features, Countertops... and much more!

Great Ideas From Professional Concrete Contractors

Gone are the days of flat, simple surfaces! In the modern world, textures and colors add to the appearance and appreciation of our concrete. Imagine a beautiful, colorful pool deck that recreates the look of a sandy beach. Or perhaps a lovely retaining wall with swirls of color and a flowing texture that mimics a waterfall. Our concrete technicians can turn an ordinary space into an amazing place ... all it takes is your imagination and our abilities. We can also recommend a variety of alternatives for concrete projects depending upon the location and desired effect. There's no limit to what we can accomplish.

Time in Service is Important

For 25 years, Lehigh Acres Concrete Service has been pleasing customers with high-quality services and products at affordable prices. Homeowners, contractors, building supervisors, and maintenance managers know and trust our company to get the job done and done right. Our work is on display all over Lehigh Acres and Miramar and we're proud to show it off. We know our customers have a choice when it comes to concrete contractors. Changing concrete contractors is as easy as pushing a button. That's why we focus on customer support and customer service. With over two decades under our belts, our customers know they can trust us to take excellent care of their project and their business.

Go with Lehigh Acres Concrete Service for #1 Service

Anybody can mix up some concrete and dump it in a form. Lots of so-called "contractors" operate with just a pickup truck, a wheelbarrow, and a shovel. Not at Lehigh Acres Concrete Service. We know our customers enjoy the benefits of our commitment to the concrete industry and our business. We have invested the time, money, and resources to become the premier concrete contractor in the greater Miami metropolitan area. Our trained technicians are educated on all the latest developments in concrete technology, mixes, and applications. Nobody else can do a job like we can. And no other contractor has the passion and commitment we have to our customers.


Numbers speak for themselves​


Years of Experience


Completed Projects

Lehigh Acres Concrete Service are the contractors you can trust on for a perfect solution to all your needs.

Free Consultation Is Just the Beginning.

Our customers really like receiving free quotes on their concrete projects. It's just one more way we demonstrate our dedication to them and their projects. No matter how big or small the job may be, we respect our customers and their pocketbooks Our customers have come to love our attention to detail as well as the wide variety of services we can help with. Our experts can provide a written estimate for our services quickly and easily. Customers can go online to www.lehighacresconcrete.com and submit a request for a quotation. They can also send us an email at info@lehighacresconcrete.com or give us a call at 239-230-1302 to speak with one of our customer support specialists.


Lehigh Acres Concrete Services Saves Time, Money, and Frustration


It just doesn't make sense to go anywhere else when its time for concrete repair, concrete installation, or maintenance. Peace of mind is important to everyone and that's what our company offers its customers. Quality products and quality work produce the best results and Lehigh Acres Concrete Services delivers both - time and time again. Call us for your next concrete project and discover why so many customers have been so happy for so long. We're not ordinary concrete contractors, we're extraordinary concrete contractors! Don't get caught with a sub-par concrete contractor, go with Lehigh Acres Concrete Services and make something hard into something easy.

Need help with concrete solutions? We are experts!

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