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Concrete can accent your landscape and add to your home's curb appeal

Looking for a Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk or slab installed or repaired in Lehigh Acres? Lehigh Acres Concrete Service can supply and construct all your concrete needs. Remember that your home's first impression is the driveway. We boost your curb appeal and property value when you install a beautifully-designed concrete driveway and sidewalk.

Latest Designs at Very Competitive Pricing

When buying a driveway, you will need to consider both cost and design. There are competitive initial costs when you use concrete since it offers considerable savings over time and requires very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

Our concrete driveway slabs are eco-friendly, have a large capacity to bear what, react to heat and light favorable and have a lower upfront cost. At the same time, they last forever.

The resale value of your driveway and home increase tremendously when you have us construct your driveway with concrete according to your design or lay down the slabs.

Well-installed concrete driveways are strong and, when installed with the right reinforcement and base, these stand up to the heaviest vehicles you drive. Exceedingly durable, concrete slabs can last up to half a century, and even beyond. When you think of longevity, concrete is most likely your most affordable option.

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Driveways that are Durable

Many times, our concrete driveways outlast a lifetime. Natural steel and rock are the only other materials that can handle the same wear and tear as concrete. Concrete is extremely long-lasting and can take the most abuse without even a hint of damage.

There is a good reason that for most people, concrete is the driveway of choice. Slabs of concrete are durable, strong and don't require a lot of maintenance. The combined longevity and strength of concrete gives you relatively good value for large paving areas.

As a surface for driveways, concrete is costly compared to asphalt and gravel but is much more affordable than a driveway made with concrete pavers, cobblestones, and bricks. Plus, concrete outlasts all of these, typically.

Plain concrete tends to look plain but it can be stamped with color added, creating an attractive, unique surface.

Concrete is composed of a stone aggregate that makes up the composite material named concrete held together with a lime-based binder and water. Cement itself is a clay and limestone combination of pulverized powder. The concrete mixture's aggregate size can vary depending on what you are using the concrete for.

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