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If you are a Leigh Acres, home or business owner you may be looking for distinctive surfacing for your property's outside areas. Have you considered concrete? Concrete is no longer a rough, generic surfacing. Thanks to novel techniques and expertise concrete is now a sought after surfacing choice which has demonstrable versatility and an impressive high end finish. We offer a comprehensive range of specialist concrete services including:

  • concrete etching
  • concrete polishing
  • concrete staining
  • concrete stamping

....and more.

Smooth and highly refined concrete finishes from our expert teams of contractors will transform your pool area, driveway or grounds with a finish that is not only impressive, but durable.

Make a concrete installation the centerpiece of your property design.

Concrete installation can be provided by our tradesmen for a range of projects including, property remodeling, landscaping and architectural projects. Simply let us know your requirements and we have the skill, tools and equipment to create fine polished finishes that have resemblance to marble or other high quality stone. This makes concrete the durable, low maintenance and affordable alternative for a range of building work. Concrete etching also brings out tone and dimension that you never would have though possible, making concrete a real alternative to the expense of stone flooring.

Ask us about what can be achieved with concrete!

You would be surprised at the sheer range of house decor and renovation effects that can be achieved by our team. We are able to take on both residential and commercial projects of any size and are pleased to be an established business working in the Leigh Acres, FL district and surrounding areas. Ask us to see some of our completed projects to get a tangible idea of what can be achieved with your property. As an established local concrete company we have many successful projects and happy customers to speak of.

Contact us today to find out more and get your concrete project underway.

With concrete providing such an exceptional look and finish it is well worth finding out more about how we can transform your property. Simply reach out by phone or email to arrange a complementary visit to your property. There, we can find out more about your needs and how we can serve you, providing a free, clear and comprehensive quotation. Contact us at 239-230-1302 to get started and our team will be pleased to help you!

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete has been used more than seven decades to add a decorative look to the concrete. With this option, you can expect different types of earth-like colors. We can help you to get a customized and beautiful look such as an expensive cobblestone without costing more. You can consider decorative concrete for pool decks, floors, patios, and similar projects.

Decorative Concrete Lehigh Acres

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a creative way to make your driveways, sidewalks, car porch, and patios more impressive. You will get durability, enhanced strength, and an aesthetically appealing look. You can use stamped concrete in your landscape as a replacement for the costly granite. It will offer the same look without affecting the end cost.

Stamped Concrete Lehigh Acres

Etched Concrete

We are experienced in installing concrete etch. The etched concrete will ensure the proper bond and can work as the alternative to the muriatic acid. The benefit is that you will get the same eye-catching look without using harmful chemicals. Our team understands the unique requirements of the etching. Therefore, you can expect the best outcome.

acid etched concrete

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is best to get an appealing look. Concrete is versatile and you can add stain concrete to get a seamless appearance. The distinctive textures of the stained concrete can be perfect to get a classical look. Also, stained concrete floors are energy efficient. Talk to our team to get a suitable solution for your project.

stained concrete lehigh acres

Polished Concrete

You can think of polished concrete to get a polished and honed floor. Polished concrete is used by home or business owners to get a precise appearance. Also, polished concrete does not demand much maintenance. This material is durable and will look new always.

Polished Concrete

Concrete Countertops

We can help you to repair and install your countertops. You just need to share your material preference and design. We will take care of the rest.

Concrete Countertop


Why Should You Hire Us?

We offer cost-effective, durable, and quality solutions. Our team can exceed your expectations with quality installation and craftsmanship. We will help you with a free quote as well. Let us start with a no-obligation quote!


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